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20,000 bpd



Pre-owned oil refinery with processing capacity of 20,000 bpd. The plant was built 1974 as a deep conversion refinery with a 6,320 bpd Hydrocracker. The units have already been dismantled [view details]



33,000 bpd



Dismantled and stored oil refinery "topping plant", consisting of a 33,000 bpd Crude Unit and a 9,150 bpd Vacuum Unit, including heaters, pumps, etc. The units can be purchased together as a package or separately as single units. [view details]



50,000 bpd

Used Refinery


Top class refinery well modernized, accepts a wide mix of crudes, extremely high conversion grade, product slate to EURO 5 standards. New RCC in 2004, substantial improvement of environmental impacts in 2010 to 2013, last turnaround in 2013.

[view details]



55,000 bpd



The pre-owned oil refinery with 55,000 bpd capacity has been renewed and upgraded, including the increase of efficency, in 2005 and the minimation of environmental impact, in 2010. [view details]



105,000 bpd



Commissioned in the 70s and with a normal throughput capacity of 105,000 bpd, the refinery with Ref.-Nr. ProOil-322 has been designed to process light to heavy crude at its full nameplate capacity. It can process crude with an API range of 19 to 44, these include heavier and lighter grades. The processed crude qualities vary depending on the selected processing mode. 

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