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Lohrmann RBD (Refinery Business Division) is specialized in sales, dismantling and relocations of oil refineries and processing plants. Our aim is the efficient and fast realization of our client?s projects, by relocating used plants and implementing new equipment as necessary. Our team of experts are able and experienced in offering a variety of engineering services, such as Feasibility Study, Conceptual Design Study, Basic Engineering or Process Simulation.

In order to keep up this high level of quality and remain the first address for pre-owned oil refineries, Lohrmann continuously looks towards qualifications and training of its employees. Long termed and specific experience combined with new and innovative characteristics and technologies, is the essence of success of the entire Lohrmann Group of Companies.

LOHRMANN Refinery Business Division was established after the receipt of the exclusive sales mandate for the oil refinery located in Southern Germany in 2006.

The refinery with a throughput capacity of approx 90,000 bpd was shut down in October 2008. After a one year of technical evaluation and marketing activities, the plant was finally sold to the eastern coast of Inida.

During this phase, a whole team of experts in the field of oil refineries was formed, each of them being experienced for decades.