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Product and Service Portfolio


  • Mechanical Integrity Checks
  • Conceptual Design Studies
    • Overall Refinery Configuration
    • Refinery Block Flow Diagram
    • Charge & Yield
    • Main ISBL Process Unit Descriptions
    • Process Flow Diagrams for Main Units
    • Heat and Materials Balances
    • Main Equipment Lists
    • Utilities and OSBL Facilities Requirements
    • Capital Costs Estimate
    • Return on Investment Chart
  • Economic Study to Evaluate the Assumed Costs and Selling Price of the Products
  • Site Assesment
  • Evaluation of used ? second hand process equipment which is available and possibly can be implanted in the process flow
  • Technology evaluation
  • Final model and start the detail engineering
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • HAZOP review
  • Project evaluation charts, Project implementation plan & schedule, Project execution program
  • Planning, control and reporting
  • Work breakdown structure
    Schedule and resource planning
  • Budgeting
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Quality control program
  • Cash flow and cost control
  • Transportation and relocation
  • Re-Erection and Start up


  • Complete Refineries
  • Single Refinery Units
  • Spare Parts and Utilities