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LOHRMANN at the 6th Global Refining Summit Barcelona 2012

Category: News Used-Refineries.com

The 6th Refining Summit, taking place once again in Barcelona is an important event, targeting executives and decission makers of the petroleum donwstream business in Europe.


Besides the importance of improving utilization and energy efficiency, the impact of European refinery shut downs has been one major issue. Subject to the first presentation held by Total, approx 1 mil barrels per day of refining capacity has been already taken off the European market.


This is a valuable opportunity for LOHRMANN, being able to extend its sales portfolio of entire refineries and refinery processing units of European origin, in excellent condition.

Relocating such well maintained refineries to booming markets instead of building new plants, bring several advantages such as having immediate access to processing units seen as "long lead" items, shorten the project time schedule and improving the IRR (e. g., due to lower CAPEX on one side and earlier generation of cash flow on the other).


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