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Modular Crude Topping Units (CTU)

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Modular Crude Topping Units (CTU) Capacities between 350 and 10,000 bpd 16,650 - 500,000 tpa) The Crude Topping Units are complete, modular units ready for immediate installation. Each unit is custom designed for the crude oil to be refined, and capacities can range from 1,000 to 20,000 barrels per day (bpd). Each unit's model number is representative of its production capability in barreƶs of crude oil per day. All equipment that goes into these unit si snew and fully warranted for one full year.
1. Naphtha: As the primary component of gasoline, this product can be upgraded, through blending or additional processing, into a more usable, higher-octane grade of gasoline.
2. Kerosine: Among its uses are lamp oil, heating oil or jet fuel.
3. Diesel (Distillate)
4. Residuum: It can be utilized as a fuel oil.